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Buy orders can not be created. There might be delays withdrawing dollars and processing existing deposits. You can contact us at

Australian Bitcoin Exchange

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Australian secure Bitcoin exchange Safe The safe way to Buy and Sell. Learn more.
Fast and easy way to sell and buy bitcoin Fast & Easy Usually receive Bitcoin in 2 hours or less!
Sell and buy Bitcoin for low fee Low Fee With us you receive more cash and Bitcoin.

How to Get Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin with HardBlock is fast and easy.

  • - Get a Bitcoin address, you can get one in under two min! Find out how.
  • - Create a buy order on our buy page.
  • - Deposit cash over the counter via teller at one of our partner banks.
  • - Receive your Bitcoin usually in less then 2 Hours!. Time can vary.
Lots of Bitcoins
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How to Sell

  • Create an account.
  • - Send Bitcoin to your HardBlock account.
  • - Place Bitcoins for sale at whatever price you want.
  • - HardBlock customers will buy bitcoin placed on sale and we will send you the cash.

Why Is Our System Safe?

We are a registered Australian business and don't hide behind anonymous identities. Find out who we are at our about page.
Learn more about keeping your Bitcoin secure.

Buyers do not store any Bitcoin with us and do not need an account. HardBlock is designed as a platform to process transactions between buyers and sellers.

Sellers Bitcoin is ~95% held in off server accounts (warm wallet) and Cold Storage, and manually transferred. This results in delays in withdrawing Bitcoin, but means we can cover our losses and our customers are protected in a hacking incident.

Get Bitcoin safe and secure